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2018 District Conference

Gospel Ministry

2018 District Conference | Wellspring Alliance, Wheaton | April 23-25


Gospel Ministry

We live in a time when many false gospels are on the rise both from outside and inside the Church . Our intent is to confront the messages of the age with the necessity to proclaim and celebrate the historic, orthodox, and Biblical understanding of the Gospel and its deep implication on us all.


District Superintendent: Rev. Jon Rich
District Executive Committee

Chairman: Rev. Jon Rich
Vice Chair: Rev. Ron Walker
Secretary: Rev. Ken Cameron
Treasurer: Mr. Max Frodge
Rev. Nathan Lenstra
Rev. Jon Mann
Mr. Carlos Perez
Rev. Todd Render
Rev. Chuck Carter
Mr. Vince DePaul
Rev. Chad Smith
Rev. Bob Petty
Licensing, Ordination, and Consecration Council

Rev. Jonathan Rich
Rev. Bill Calvin
Rev. Skye Jethani
Rev. Ed Bernard
Rev. Paul Martin
Rev. Scott Manke
Rev. Chad Smith
Rev. Ted Harris
Rev. Reuben Dunckel
Rev. Kevin Klassen
Rev. Dan Taube
Rev. Kevin Thompson
Rev. Kurt Sovine
Rev. Bob Petty
Committee on Rules

Rev. Len Bauer
Rev. Don Romano
Alliance Women's Ministry Director

Mrs. Susan Bernard
Crown College Board of Trustees

Mr. Gordon Paisley
General Ministries

Chairman: Rev. Chet Berry
Secretary: Mrs. Dawn Cameron (L)
Alt. Chair: Rev. Ken Cavanagh
Alt. Sec: Mrs. Sonja Walker (L)
Rev. Tony Silker
Mr. Daniel Chappell
Mr. James Lee
Rev. Daniel Riemenschneider
Ms. Bethany Frost (L)
Ms. Casey Kurete (L)
Mrs. Emily Karwoski (L)
Rev. Tim Ramsour (Alt OW)
Rev. Lance Stiver (Alt OW)
Conference Secretaries

Rev. Craig Jenkins
Rev. Greg Lex
Mr. Stuart Guild
Committee on Finance and Budgets

Chairman: Rev. Nathan Lenstra
Secreatry: Rev. Alfred Templeton
Alt. Chair: Mr. Michael White
Alt. Sec: Mr. Kyle Maloney
Mr. Calvin Robinson
To be appointed
To be appointed
Tellers and Ushers

Chairman: Mr. Eric Mason
Alt. Chair: Mr. Ben Karwoski
Mr. Chris Hostetler
Mr. Reggie Ramos
Rev. Reuben Dunckel
Rev. Ian Black
Rev. Justin Langebartels
Committee on Nominations

Chairman: Rev. Ted Harris
Secretary: Rev. Kurt Sovine
Alt. Chair: Rev. Eric Simpson
Alt. Sec: Mr. Chris Cleghorn (L)
Rev. Mitch Kim
Mr. Robin Koshy
Mrs. Cheryl Baird
Mrs. Beth Mason
Mr. Brian Hatton (L)
Mrs. Meghan Stiver (Alt L)
Rev. Tyler Shirley (Alt OW)
Rev. Scott Manke (Alt OW)
District Representative to 2019 General Council Committess to be appointed

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