Building Established Churches

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District Churches

God has given your church everything you need.
Sometimes, though, you need some help recognizing it and bringing it together.

You are not in this alone.  As we learn more about each other, we learn more ways in which to be about the work of the Kingdom together.  As we have the privilege to know more about you, we would love to make the introductions to each other for the beautiful function of being a family – to learn, to grow, to serve, to lead, and even to play.

  • Connecting churches within the district for partnership, mentoring, and fellowship
  • Connecting churches with mission fields for two-way ministry development

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Church Identity

The Church exists to expand the proclamation of the Gospel and to invite people into an ever-deepening relationship with Christ that motivates life and action. Most churches understand these ideas but sometimes struggle to connect this reality with their God-given opportunities and passions. We want to come alongside you to help develop understanding in your church’s role within the 1 Corinthians 12 reality.

  • Exploring the calling and vision of your church
  • Defining your church strategy
  • Defining your church structure

Missional Engagement

Not only does each church have a particular place within the 1 Corinthians 12 reality, the believers within each local body have gifts, skills, abilities, calling and invitations designed by God for engaging in the work of the Kingdom of God. Is your church harnessing these divine opportunities for Kingdom Advance? Can we help you to discover these aspects within your church and help you to engage the lost through those unique opportunities?

  • Developing and training your staff, teams, and elders
  • Discovering the people resources in your church
  • Finding purpose in body life and church activities

Developing Emerging Leaders

So, you have discovered gifts, callings and skills within your local body of believers, now what? Has God placed a calling to full-time ministry on the heart of some of your people? Is this calling obvious and confirmable by current leaders? Is there a clear discipleship/development path for her or him? Is help needed in determining the shape and direction of this calling or is it already clear? We are here to assist you as this leader develops. We can help you to find the correct expression of her or his gifts, skills, talents and calling within the community and the community of believers.

Identify your Acts 1:8 circles.

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Become a site that develops emerging leaders.

Become a Greenhouse Environment

Is your church ready to help emerging leaders prepare for a lifetime of vocational ministry?  We all have the responsibility for the development and multiplication of the next generation of healthy leaders, and the church is a primary tool in the hands of the Father.  Greenhouses are designed to provide holistic personal and spiritual development as well as broad ministry exposure.

We are ready to help you assess whether or not your church or ministry environment is ready to take the next step toward becoming a Greenhouse Enivornment.

Become an ALME Site

Is your church ready to develop potential Alliance international workers in their Alliance Licensed Ministry Experience (ALME)?  During this season of preparation (a minimum of two years), workers are coached in the key competencies needed for effective cross-cultural ministry.

If your church has a heart for missions and is interested in developing healthy international workers, we would love to work with you to help you become an ALME site.

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