Planting New Churches

Multiplication is in our DNA

We are tenaciously pursuing the evangelization of 19+ million people in our district and 80+ million people in our region.  Part of our strategy is planting new churches.  Are you interested in planting a church?  Do you want to join a planting team?  Do you sense God’s call on your life to plant?  Could you help in envisioning your local church to engage in planting other churches?  We can help you!

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Church Planter Assessments

The Church Planter Assessment Center (CPAC) is designed to evaluate potential church planting team leaders, staff members, and their spouses (if appropriate) for the gifts and talents to be successful in this essential ministry. The CPAC team will make a concrete recommendation with regard to the potential success of a candidate within their position of choice and will offer appropriate affirmations and development suggestions.

Church Planting Basics

This is boot camp for church planting teams – an opportunity to explore, define and refine the practical nuts and bolts of planting a church. This is a heavily packed few days (Thursday evening – Sunday afternoon) of learning, thinking and preparing for effective church planting. This boot camp immerses the church planter, and their team, into a learning lab environment.

Alliance Chicago

There are three million people living in 77 Chicago neighborhoods that we pray are drawn to the heart of the Father. Alliance Chicago is a network of catalytic leaders and teams engaged in micro-churches around Chicago to be present and engaged in those neighborhoods. They are finding contextually appropriate forms and strategies to evangelize, disciple, and multiply believers in the city of Chicago.

We’d love to talk with you about the pathway to becoming a micro-church under Alliance Chicago! Any group that will align with our values and C&MA DNA, our base ecclesiology of worship, community, and mission, and will come under the covering of Alliance Chicago can be a micro-church.

The Midwest District office shows incredible commitment to church planting. On my church planting journey this has included help in the discernment of call to plant, intentional time preparing to plant (Greenhouse & Church-Planter Training), and a ton of continued support throughout the planting process. The district office offers far more than strategy and logistics. They know my heart, and work toward both a healthy plant and healthy planter.

Ben Karwoski,
Greenhouse Development & Church Planting

As I look back at my time at BASICS, I cherish the fire we went through as a team. Those few days were certainly challenging, but the Lord used that to bring us together and sharpen our gospel focus and strategy. Very grateful for it.

Tyler Shirley, The Exit Church,
Church Planting Basics

My wife Shelly and I were so greatly blessed by our time spent with the team at the CPAC.  I am so thankful for the depth and breadth of wise, honest feedback we received from a diversity of voices, for the gracious, humble spirit of discernment in community, and for the very practical steps for taking action on what together we heard God is calling us to do.  Truly an invaluable, even life changing experience.

Ben Dally,
Church Planters Assessment Center