Our Process

Becoming a Licensed Official Worker

Know that this process begins a 2-3 year development path where we pour into you with a whole-life philosophy so that you will thrive in your spiritual journey and in your ministry assignments.

01. Talk to District Staff

Contact district

02. Find a licensed place of ministry to serve.

Licensed opportunities

03. Pursue Ordination/Consecration Process

See what is involved

Step One

Talk to District Staff

To pursue a formal ministry position after accreditation, you’ll need to talk to district staff to review your call, gifting, competency, and opportunities to serve in the district.

Please note that for various reasons, not everyone is approved for vocational service with the C&MA, but we desire to help you find your place in God’s work. For questions regarding the application process, please contact the district office.

Schedule a Meeting

    Step Two

    Find a Licensed Place of Ministry

    Work with the district office and licensing committee to find a ministry fit for you to be licensed in.   Additionally, the Alliance Midwest District is a family on mission together.  Join us in our gatherings, trainings, and other resources that we are developing and providing resources to serve you for kingdom impact.

    Step Three

    Pursue Ordination/Consecration

    Begin the ordination/consecration process with the district. This will include:

    1. Be paired with a mentor
    2. Attend an Alliance Polity course
    3. Attend the national orientation conference, Resonate.
    4. Submit your transcripts (if not previously done)
    5. Complete reading, written, and experiential assignments structured around the core characteristics of an Alliance worker:
        • Christ-Center Character
        • Empowered Ministry
          • Calling and Gifting
          • Discipleship and Mission
        • Spiritual Leadership
        • Healthy Living
        • Scriptural Knowledge and Theological Understanding
    6. Create a lifelong learning plan