Amy Ellis

Multiplication Administrator |

Why you want to talk to her:

  • Credentials | You need a guide through the pathways of accreditation, ordination, and consecration.
  • Church Planting| You need an expert to keep track of the details and next steps for you.

Upon graduating from Olivet Nazarene University in 2016, Amy Ellis and her husband, Tyler, were trying to decide where life was going to take them.  They knew they would like to be near a support network; yet all their friends found themselves in similar situations, making it difficult to narrow down the geographic location to concentrate their job searches.  Amy was finally offered an elementary teaching job in Danville, IL so they settled there, finding a new support network at a local Alliance church, Connexion.  Recently they moved to the Indianapolis area due to more job opportunities for Tyler’s accounting degree here.  After they moved Kurt Sovine, formerly the pastor at Connexion, presented an opportunity for Amy to assist him with the multiplication process at the new district office.  Needless to say, she and Tyler were excited to continue being connected to the Alliance family after such a difficult move.

On the more personal side, Amy loves cooking; decisively not baking.  Baking is too precise for her.  Not that she doesn’t love dessert – especially ice cream.  Tennis is a big part of Amy and Tyler’s life, especially since that’s how they met.  Amy played tennis in high school and college, and met Tyler at the Tennis Center in Danville, IL.  Amy and Tyler enjoy playing tennis with their entire family, too.

There has been a lot of recent and major transition in Amy’s life – moving during a pandemic, leaving a close-knit church, and transitioning to a full-time parenting role after teaching kindergarten full-time.  She was very sure (not a normal trait for Amy) about her call to teaching.  Leaving that for uncharted waters has been a huge leap of faith.  Something their infant son, Rory, has taught her, though, is how much God loves her.  “You can’t control it,” she says.  “I have to be dependent on God for parenting because you can’t control it.  I know it will be fine because Jesus loves him more than I do.”

One of Amy’s favorite narratives in the Bible is on the Sea of Galilee.  As Amy recounts it, “Jesus Christ is snoozing in the back and everyone else is freaking out!”  That’s relatable to life, isn’t it?  Amy continues with why this account of Jesus and his disciples is so relevant to her, “I can get frustrated – and I need to let go of the idea that I’m in control and realize the One who is in control of everything is within arm’s reach and I have access to Him!”